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“I’ve just listened to your podcast – it’s soooo good!”

Labour Shadow Cabinet Member

In this election year, The Power Test is shaping the political conversation about how Labour can really change Britain.

With a growing audience of some 5,000 regular listeners, over 100,000+ downloads, a community of 500 members and subscribers, the podcast is quickly becoming a home for all those crying out for real change and who want to understand more about what a Labour government can do to bring it about.

We’ve had coverage in The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 and Politico amongst others – and hosted live events with the Centre for Progressive Policy, UCL Policy Lab and Wonkhe.

Over the next year, we’re seeking to double our audience and our impact – becoming the definitive podcast for real change and a critical friend to a Labour Party on the path to power.

“A terrific new podcast.”

The Week

We have a number of different opportunities for individuals and organisations to partner with us.

We’re keen to work with groups, organisations and individuals who want to be part of building a committed and ambitious community to drive the
political conversation.

Opportunities include episode advertising and sponsorship, podcast sponsorship, live recordings, wider members and community events, offshoots and supplementary content, written features and interviews and editorial engagement.

The Power Test offers a unique opportunity in the year of the next General Election to help develop the ideas and debates that will shape a future Labour government.

The Power Test in 2024

1. The leading critical friend to a Labour Party on the path to power – testing ideas, exploring challenges and looking at opportunities on both the policy and
politics of the most difficult and pressing questions facing the party, helping forge the way towards real change

2. A platform for both outsiders and insiders alike – a chance for thinkers and campaigners to candidates and elected politicians to be heard, test ideas and
get ready for government alongside fresh insight, ideas and experiences from experts and commentators from all parties, abroad, the past and future.

3. A supportive community for real change – from the already converted to the yet to be convinced of all political stripes and none, as a home for everyone
desperate from a new government that can really change Britain for the better.

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The easiest way to support the pod is to also become part of our community. You get exclusive benefits and a chance to listen ad-free.

We can offer group memberships and discounts to organisations as well. Get in touch with us if you want to offer a special discount membership rate for your group or give the gift of a membership.

Corporate membership is also available – joining our network of members. Just get in touch with us.