Fantasy Cabinet

We’re building a fantasy cabinet of all the talents to help change Britain for the better

Each week Sam and Ayesha ask our guests who they would most like to see, from any period of time, past or present, from any field and walk of life, to serve in the cabinet to really make a difference and change the country for the better. Here’s who they’ve suggested.

Jo Cox

Suggested by former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls to help heal the nastiness and pain of the last 10 years

Denis Healey

Suggested by former Treasury boss Nick Macpherson to act as Deputy Prime Minister to provide wise, tough advice for difficult times

Coming Soon

We’re asking every guest their suggestions so we will have more names coming to the fantasy cabinet soon!

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Fantasy Cabinet

Listener suggestions

John Maynard Keynes

Suggested by Ian Mulheirn to help navigate the debate over whether government’s should borrow more to invest

Sandi Toksvig

Suggested by Catherine Meyer to build a more open cabinet of all the talents – bringing insight and expertise beyond party lines

Hilary Mantel

Suggested by Charlotte Aldritt to bring wisdom through time to a cabinet dealing with many ongoing crises and multiple priorities

Send us your suggestions!